Instructions for third-party services like this are provided as a courtesy and may contain out of date information or screen clips. For the latest instructions, consult the third party's website.

ZeeMaps are interactive maps that you can use to show where your members are located, and optionally, to provide contact information.

To embed a ZeeMap into a site page on your Wild Apricot, follow these steps:

  1. Export your Wild Apricot contact database to a spreadsheet.
  2. Open the spreadsheet file in a spreadsheet program (like Excel or Google Sheets) and remove columns you don't want to include in your map. Your spreadsheet should include at least one column containing geographical information such as city, state, country, and/or address.
  3. Go to and click Map my Spreadsheet.
  4. Click Choose File and find your spreadsheet on your computer or network.
  5. Click Submit to upload your spreadsheet.
  6. Select your default country and confirm the mapping of your spreadsheet columns. Geographical fields like city, state, country, and address should be automatically mapped. Any other fields should appear as Custom Field.
  7. After you confirm the mapping of your column, click the Submit button. Your map should now appear, though your data take a little while to appear depending on site traffic.
  8. Just above your map, hover over the Print or Share menu and select the Publish in Website option.
  9. From the window that appears, you can choose your map options or allow them to default.
  10. Within the blue box below the map options, copy the embed code.
  11. Log in to your Wild Apricot site as an administrator.
  12. Go to Site pages (under the Website menu) and begin editing the site page or page template where you want the map to appear.
  13. Click the Gadgets icon to display the list of available gadgets.
  14. Drag the custom HTML gadget from the Gadget list, and drop it in the desired location.
  15. After you have inserted the gadget, hover over it and click the Settings icon.
  16. Within the gadget settings on the left, click the Edit code button.
  17. In the dialog that appears, paste the embed code then click the Save button.
  18. Click Save to save the changes to your page.

Your ZeeMap should now appear on your page or template. Though ZeeMaps are free, ads will appear below your map unless you choose to pay a fee or buy a membership.

Instead of creating a custom HTML gadget, you can use the Snippet feature to embed the code within a content gadget. For more information on using the Snippet feature, see Inserting and modifying HTML or JavaScript.