In addition to our standalone help site at, Wild Apricot provides help content within a help panel that appears in admin view.

To display the help panel from most screens, you click the Help center menu in the bottom left corner of admin view and choose the Help & Support option.

From the Website module, the help panel is displayed when you select the Help & Support option from the Help & support drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

The help panel will appear automatically when you click a Learn more link within an admin screen.

When you first open the inproduct help panel, it will suggest appropriate help topics based on your current location.

You can click on one of the suggested topics, or search for other topics by entering a search string in the search box. As you type your search string, matching topics will appear. search results-Fwk.png

Once you've chosen a help topic, the following options are available within the help panel. panel options--50.png

If you’re unable to find an answer to your question within the help, you can submit a support request from within the help panel. From the help panel menu – which you can display by clicking the menu icon at the top of the help panel – you click the Support request option and enter the details in the form that appears. support request-22M.png

As you enter the subject and details of your request, the help will automatically suggest related help topics that might be able to answer your request without waiting for a reply from our support department.