Released on December 24, 2014

The Version 5.2.1 update consists of the following changes and enhancements.

New fully responsive theme set

A fully responsive Bookshelf theme set has been added. This theme is very mobile friendly and scales down automatically to different screen sizes.

The Bookshelf theme has a simple but modern design featuring rounded edges and shadows. The selection of gadget styles has been considerably expanded, particularly for donation goal gadgets.

Composing blog and forum posts on mobile devices

Both visitors and administrators can now use the content editor in public view on mobile devices to compose blog posts and forum topics.

The content editor is supported for this purpose on devices using iOS7 (and higher) on both Safari and Chrome browsers, and on devices using Android 4 (and higher) on Chrome browsers.

Bug fixes

A number of bugs were fixed, including the following:

  • Invoices were being generated for recurring payments without recurring payments option being enabled
  • Members with recurring payments were being prompted to renew membership
  • Photo albums images were not being displayed in upload order
  • Unable to delete site album folder after deleting corresponding photo album gadget
  • Countries prohibited by US government displayed in list for Authorize.Net
  • Advanced search not working with membership fields when searching for archived contacts
  • Saved member search with several "contains" criteria returns no results
  • Dynamic menus not functionality properly under Internet Explorer
  • Register button displayed in admin view for disabled events
  • Modifying event registration changes registration date
  • Event attendance report not showing the entire set of internal notes
  • Long event registration labels were cut off in Firefox when using a Fiesta theme
  • Margins disappearing from sites using Fiesta themes
  • Bold text displayed as regular text in Safari and Firefox when using a Fiesta theme
  • Some colors and styles settings were being ignored
  • Difficulties selecting predefined values for donation fields
  • Problems importing spreadsheet files
  • Payment reports exported to PDF contained invalid dates
  • When composing a blog post, the clock control did not work properly under most browsers
  • Slideshow gadget within a sticky placeholder appears in admin view but not public view