Released on October 20, 2017

Both the iOS and Android versions of the application were updated. The following features were added.

Ability to manage administrative rights

While editing a contact's profile, you can now assign or modify administrative privileges.

When you tap the Administrative access area, you can assign full or limited administrative privileges.

Ability to duplicate an event

You can now create a new event by duplicating an existing one. To duplicate an existing event, open the event then tap the action button in the upper right corner and select the Duplicate option from the menu that appears.

The new duplicate event will be saved as an admin-only event, and automatically opened for editing. The word (copy) will be appended to the name of the duplicate event to distinguish it from the original one.

All event settings will be duplicated, except event access permissions, multiple sessions, and the list of registrants. Event email settings will also be duplicated but cannot be modified using the Wild Apricot app.

New action menu for events

Within the Events module, the Edit option has been replaced by an action button which displays an action menu, consisting of Edit, Duplicate, and Delete options.

The Delete event option has been removed from the bottom of the Edit event screen.

Switch association without logging out

If there are multiple Wild Apricot accounts associated with your email address, you can switch to a different association by clicking the Change association button from the Account module.